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The Emergence and Evolution of Entrepreneurship in Georgia and Armenia

Project Leaders

Prof. Paul Dembinski (Project Leader, University of Fribourg)
Philippe Rudaz (Main Coordinator)


Georgia: February 2013 - May 2015

Armenia: September 2015 - October 2017


This research project examines entrepreneurial dynamics in Georgia and Armenia through a longitudinal study following both potential and existing entrepreneurs. 'Entrepreneurship' is defined here as a process from intention to action that may lead to the creation of an enterprise (formal or informal). Understood in this way, it should therefore be studied from an evolutionary perspective and, in consequence, should grasp the following points:
  1. How entrepreneurs move from the so-called 'unobserved' to the observed economy (the emergence of entrepreneurs);
  2. The development and growth of enterprises, including micro-enterprises (the evolution of enterprises).
In order to accomplish this, the project demands sequential observations from a selected group of respondents. These participants are then asked the same questions about the visions they have, obstacles they face and the possibility of enhancing factors from which they benefit. This research proposal focuses on entrepreneurship (embedded or not embedded within enterprises) and how it interacts with institutional, economic, cultural and social environments, as it is emerging in Georgia and Armenia. .

The project relies upon several partners in Georgia and Armenia to collect, use and interpret the necessary data; thus involving research institutes and universities, development agencies and the private sector. Intermediate results from the first two rounds of interviews have been produced in March 2014, with more robust results to be determined after 4 rounds of interviews in September 2015. The results have been presented in seminars and roundtables in Tbilisi. In Armenia, the first round of interview has been conducted in March 2016. The preliminary results of “entrepreneurship in Armenia” will be presented in October 2016 in Yerevan.

Entrepreneurship in Georgia - Timetable

  • First Round of Interviews: June 2013
  • Second Round of Interviews: December 2013
  • Intermediate Report & Seminars: March 2014
  • Third Round of Interviews: June 2014
  • Fourth Round of Interviews: December 2015
  • Final Report & Seminars: Mai 2015
Final Report Georgia

Entrepreneurship in Armenia - Timetable

  • First Round of Interviews: March 2016
  • Intermediate Report & Seminars: October 2016
  • Second Round of Interviews: March 2017
  • Final Report & Seminars: October 2017

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