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Capacity Building

Selected research teams received support through methodology workshops tailored to meet their needs. Workshops addressed both quantitative and qualitative methods. Other capacity building activities, such as summer school, provide additional support.

Capacity building is an empowering process. It provides social scientists the tools and networks they need and an improved opportunity to produce good, even excellent, research results. Consequently, the professional status, legitimacy and visibility of these social scientists also increases in their respective countries.

Past workshops

19-21 November 2015, Tbilisi, Qualitative Data Management and Analysis

6-8 May 2015, Yerevan, Conceptualisation and Operationalisation

11-13 December 2014, Tbilisi, Qualitative Research Practice 1: Design and Data Generation

6-8 November 2014, Yerevan, Policy Link Training

4-7 June 2014, Yerevan, Academic Communication

10-12 April 2014, Tbilisi, Generating and Analysing Qualitative Data

5-7 December 2013, Yerevan, Understanding Quantitative Data Collection

10-12 October 2013, Tbilisi, Designing, Interpreting and Writing Up Qualitative Research

5-7 June 2013, Yerevan, Academic Writing and Publishing

18-20 April 2013, Tbilisi, Generating and Analysing Qualitative Data

1-3 November 2012, Yerevan, Conceptualisation and Operationalisation

20-22 September 2012, Tbilisi, Quantitative Research Methods

19-21 April 2012, Yerevan, Qualitative Data Analysis 

29-31 March 2012, Tbilisi, Survey Design

7-8 December 2011, Yerevan, Qualitative Interviewing

3-5 November 2011, Tbilisi, Social Capital Theory

12-13 September 2011, Yerevan, Research Design

5-7 May 2011, Tbilisi, Academic Writing

4-5 March 2011, Tbilisi, Qualitative Data Analysis

19-20 November 2010, Tbilisi, Survey Design

22-23 October 2010, Tbilisi, Qualitative Interviewing

12 May 2010, Tbilisi, Proposal Writing

10-12 May 2010, Tbilisi, Research Design