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3rd ASCN Annual Conference, 21-22 June 2013, Tbilisi

Political Transformation and Social Change in the South Caucasus: Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan in Perspective

The Academic Swiss Caucasus Net (ASCN) held its 3rd ASCN Annual Conference which took place in Tbilisi, Georgia on 21 and 22 June 2013.

Conference Papers

Please click here to access the conference papers.

Content and Objectives

The conference gathered junior scholars and researchers from various disciplines of the social sciences (political science, sociology, anthropology, etc.) involved with the South Caucasus. More specifically, the conference addressed the following points of interest:
  • It provided opportunities for researchers vested in Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan to engage, network, exchange and discuss their research projects, papers and findings;
  • It provided a forum for discussion regarding the contradictions and ambivalences of the transformation process in the South Caucasus;
  • It provided a forum for discussion regarding the challenges, social science researchers in the South Caucasus are confronted with.